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Posted: August 18, 2010 in profile
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from the inside out

shocking glimpse into my reality

Welcome to 404files.WordPress.com.

Im hoping to start blogging here, although I have blogs on other site, wordpress seems to be the best one. So first I’ll begin by saving most of my files here. later on i will have to update and revise my previous works, so i will attempt to add to my collection some links to my bookmarks and interesting picture ive found all over the net. so for now let us set up the pace with some pretty sounding prose, since i like to reform my own quotes, in an effort to sound original and somewhat wise. then again this is my site, why would i need to digress to apologetics?

when you shine a bright light into the hollow darkness, and you come to know you’re just the same as everybody else, only then can you be truly different – only then will reality be defined against your normality.

  1. enreal says:

    I have spent time reading your work… I think its great! Unique style… refreshing!

    • 404files says:

      i dont know why wordpress doesnt auto approve ur comments, i guess id have to find the correct settings. i really dont get much visitors, so i appreciate ur comments. i also rarely update my site, so it might be dissappointing. ive got to go to school now, i just thought u deserve a reply, and id like to get to know more about u as well. i think ill visit ur site in maybe a week as well, or as soon as i update once again. thx

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