mini story about mystery over mastery

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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whatever man can conceive, he can achieve, with help from above as well as below.


when you are feeling blue, look at the sky and the vast emptiness outside, then compare to your emptiness inside and let it pass. ask why is it a good thing that you are able to connect with such strong emotions. follow up with change, let go of the box, check your shoutbox. repetitive behavior causes stress and drains your energy, relax – do or don’t do.


bad is a word just like any other word. as human beings we are able to precreate. being bombarded with so much stimulus, we not only survive by filtering our experiences, but thrive on altering our reality through story. as kids we have very quickly learned to attach a mix of labels and stereotypes to things we have judged to be likeable or unlikeable. the truth is, everything has its proper use, but they are not always in the proper place.


i like to cut the corners before the corners cut me. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a jawbreaker? well, you dont have to count your blessings to find out what you’re missing. most people think they can change the future, by the insignificant things they do today. the bad news is whatever you’re trying to prevent is not likely to happen exactly as planned. the good news is you can change the past instead.


compared to everyone else, i am an amateur. compared to myself, i must always be better than my best. i must like the way i am ill defined. i’m sure there may be other ways to knock off heavens door, but i’d rather be too preoccupied than to steal an opportunity. the difference between now and any other time is that now is your only chance to do something you’ll never regret, yet people are more concerned about the lack of time than doing something with what time they got.


most of the time i like to enjoy the company of other miserable people, so i can deliberately lie to myself and fictionally state that i’m some kind of exception to the rule. as long as i know the difference, i think i’m fine. most people are also good except i cant figure out why it cant be all. maybe there is some kind of higher morality standard that i’ve learned to quietly dismiss since it’s always glaringly there, that enables me to dance nimbly naked in the park under unpretentious motivations. that may seem somewhat perverse, but at least still normal, under status quo and common sense terms.


what happened to you? what’s going to happen to you? such thinking may have been useful in the past – no more! there is no rule in life where it says, a person has to necessarily interpret any situation in a: subjective/objective, pessimistic/optimistic, positive/negative, good/bad, in your face/out of body sort of manner. if you don’t like something, you don’t have to keep rewinding that scary movie in your head as if you’re in the front seat of a rollercoaster, you can dissociate. use your imagination, to enhance the memorable moments, and redirect the emphasis away from your phobias. you can always learn to like what you don’t like, if you wish. remember, if you don’t take charge, you still have to pay the bill.


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