one zero makes two

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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dont be a loser, share your blessings. get something from nothing by telling people about your ideas. communication is key to getting what you want, so if the door is closed, try knocking. get your foot in the door if it ever opens, but if not then consider other doors. try until success, make mistakes but not the same ones, and always learn. watch your steps before you move on.

you dont have to be happy all the time to be a happy person. theres no rule that says you must take your medication all the time everytime you are sick. assuming you are sick, you can heal yourself. only consider for a second that there’s nothing wrong with you, what would you fix? other people? perhaps even consider that the only thing wrong with you is that you are trying to fix something that’s not broken to begin with.

people begin to define crazy things by assuming this separate thing somehow works different from the rest of the universe. whos not really crazy in their own way in this crazy world, that is just normal. strangeness implies some kind of limitation on the part of our understanding. when we refuse to understand the why of the limitation we become strangers to the world, crazy in our own way.

now if you accept that you are crazy, you begin to realize certain things. the only things keeping you from being sane is your mistaken view that you have to remain crazy. people are defined as sane when they deal with people in an expected manner, even if something quite unexpected happens, people still have expectations for what they define as sane. if you just let go of your expectations, a crazy thing happens, you’re back to being an unexpected average guy – normal yet sane.

suggestion: stop labeling people as fake and see things as they really are because when you choose to focus on fake stuff all you get is a manipulation. true happiness comes from your actually being happy, it’s as simple as forcing a smile, except when you feel like you cannot – you still actually can. emotions can come later because your body is like a mask. as you act so will your thinking be.

when you don’t feel happy even truly happy people will look fake to you, because you will be sapping their energy. what do you expect? if you are feeling emptiness, then you’re thinking like hungry man – everybody else would look fat to you. sooner or later either misery loves company or you will be alone again naturally.

also, don’t work yourself up about those other people who make the news by becoming infamous, giving bad examples just proves that you can really like things that you say you dont like. your happiness is all up to your imagination, your only task is to choose what you like about certain things and why, but its a challenge. life wouldn’t be so interresting if you always knew what to do.


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