Promote the Chicken

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Good morning class. Good morning Mrs. Cammayo.
Today feels like a good day!
So I have a present for the whole class
Let me present to you… tada! a plastic bag!
But this is no ordinary plastic bag
Guess what’s inside this plastic bag?
It’s my favorite food, and you know what?
It’s going to be your favorite food too!
You know why? Because…
I’m going to do the chicken dance!
~~Chicken dance~~
And if that’s not enough,
I’m also going to sing you a song…
Check it out:
“Lala-la lala. Fried chicken mix-es
With marinade, batter, breading, and graa-vy
It’s a restaurant style chick-en
Fun for the whole fa-mi-ly
Del Monte quality”
Now of course, I just gave you two things for free
If you buy this product then you will have
Not one, not two, but three for the price of one
Isn’t that amazing!
So now what are you waiting for?
Get your new family favorite today!


Good morning class. Good morning Mrs. Cammayo.
Today I hope you’re hungry
Because I have a puppy!
My puppy is a pet plastic bag
…Only she’s a little shy
So I’m going to introduce her
First, her name is del
Say hi to the whole class del
“hi whole class!”
So del could you tell us about yourself?
“Well my full name is del of the monte”
“And I like chicken!”
What kind of chicken do u like del?
“Well I like all kinds:”
“Especially restaurant style mixes”
“With marinade, batter, breading, and gravy”
Well guess what del?
I brought just the right food for you!
See it’s got everything you need
And it’s even fun for the whole family
If you act now del and I will even make
A special delivery for you
Isn’t that right del?
“That’s right, get it before I eat it all for myself”

  1. 404files says:

    i made this for my cousin who eventually did not use this as it is probably too complicated or corny for her tastes. anyway i do not like to see my work go to waste at least i posted it somewhere as evidence.

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