what does it matter what you do or do not know? maybe it matters more that you do not know. we do not want answers. we want our problems to be different from what has been before. we want to be heroes of our own little world. part of the problem is the smaller the problem the smaller the hero, therefore our labors tend to be epic and we resist any efforts others attempt to simplify our pandemonium.

perhaps we do not live just for the inspiration. we already have the answers, so perhaps we are here in search of problems made just for us by us. we are here not so much to stun the world with our ingenuity, we are already predestined to do that, but to amaze the world with its capacity to produce such genius. we are here to make the world believe in itself because it has lost its faith in itself. by ourselves we are simply insignificant beings performing insignificant acts, yet the more we do what we are really meant here to do, the more the world is inspired to pick up after itself.

thus i come to a realization about the reality of the fall: if we take the garden of eden as a metaphor for what really happened with us when we were born, we can then relate to the tempter who is really the world. as adam we have eaten of the fruit of knowledge of the world, thus we are baptised in sin in order that we may perceive the illusion called the world. once we have eaten of the forbidden fruit our journey into the world begins at conception and whatever our misconceptions about the world become real or are represented by the population of the world.

accordingly all things which are good can now be defined by that which it is not and destiny all of a sudden takes sides. now you have to have a strategy for getting what you want, instead of getting what you want immediately, sometimes you have to wait and even act on an idea. now there is such things as changing states, happiness becomes like a momentary bliss, and you can be everywhere else but where you want to go. the whole world became interesting in a blink of an eye because we are cursed or you can think of the same thing the other way around.

so now we have to decide, is it better to go back to a state of forgetful innocence? if so then why not rewrite your own story and deny the original author of your tale the right to finish you off the way he wants to. if you would rather continually suffer your fate to learn more about the true nature of this world you have come to be trapped in, why not share your own experience with those who will remember you well namely the author of your misery whose story you are helping to finish? either way you can hope for the happy ending.

can you get out of this world alive, it is highly doubtful, but one way to ease the pain is to make a deal with the tempter. you will no doubt fall deeper into the trap, since you already have a reputation for falling so deep. someday you will be in so deep that you will even think theres no way out but someone whos in deeper will find a way and always bring a sliver of hope.

you will be doomed to be ever on the brink of choice, you dont know how much darkness you can take, but surely you can tolerate just a little bit more. until forever comes, you will wonder why you never made such a great commitment to climb the heights you’ve lost even if it should take forever.

doom and gloom my friend is the final verdict, the world is at the bottom, it would take forever to reach but your fate lies there. so many gallant people are born into this pit, thinking they could rescue the world, but that is not up to them. at the end of time, the people who are born into the pit will hit or be able to reach rock bottom, only until such a time will such people be able to rescue what was the essence of innocence that was lost.

as for the rest of the population who are free to fall as they wish, cut your moment short as fast as possible, because the only ones who maybe interested in rescuing you are relatively similarly lost – dont give them a hard time. if you still dont wish to change because you think you have an easy life its easier to imagine what the challenge is like, just look around you, be practical about your reality. you dont have to think about reaching god just yet even if that is your wish, you are so far down the steep slope that you have to keep realizing your goals by climbing the few steps at a time in the general difficult direction.


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