suffer the comfort chair

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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over see the fancy future boundless, unrestrained. look even over hearts cold as ice with no eyes to see and minds that wander with the flames. problem lies with thoughts of love for the enemy and her torturous ways. hear her voice like thorns on bare feet come to greet the day. that lovely melody which shatters all hope with melancholy. “what do you desire?” she purrs, as if a whisper might feign a stricture in her ears. stuck in her trance, the fears mix with glory, but paralyze with hallucinate. blood tears diminish innocence until only a shadowy descending madness remains. her hand of time would seal the final death note, and with a kiss crucify the lifeless to bills past due. so now with regard, kindly and cruelly,  accept your quarrel with this ease.


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