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Posted: January 27, 2011 in dream, time
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The mind of a web developer

Image by Code Arachnid via Flickr

what shall i do with my time?

i wish to manage the clutter, i desire to have it done, i act on impulse and get something else done instead. out of my head and into the trash, into my bed away to dreamland. i figured out that ideas come to me quite easily after a short nap, but why waste even so much time on pointless activities. i think im bored so i got to keep awake. i think ive got to make sense and not so many mistakes. whatever rhymes is reason enough to forever find myself in a limbo of stuff.

now i think i should make room to study the world around me. being nearsighted never allows me to focus very far. at least i can type relatively faster than i write. at least i dont get tired as much as i write.

for now the future seems bright, hardly worth describing…

  1. enreal says:

    “hardly worth describing”

    I like your style

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