exploding malaise

Posted: January 27, 2011 in meaning, purpose
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Anger Is the Swiss Army Knife of Emotions T-shirt

Image by Mike Monteiro via Flickr

clean sweep anger. take out your broom and dagger. cut out your heart and stagger. could you even feel the tug of danger? don’t hug me, don’t bother.

within my circle vicious, delicious and so precious, i have no idea of issues – it itches. there exist a question forged of great irrelevance about thinking in advance. how and why should i? is it me or is it you? should the answer have to be something that i can understand? to do things now, before the consequence comes, would it save time or cause more anguish? which of these cause the most trouble? what is more important to me, experiencing or understanding?

i have no motivation disease. im here to kill me right away. no problems seeing things through – i thought i had a hard time, but i can’t stay there forever. so now, whatever, im in too deep into the fray and just when i see no way – more thoughts come to assail.

one thought leads me to disaster. the next one to that place where i cant figure out what im after. whether im after you or after changes, weather conditions are plain but cold with no sweater. i find myself staring into the mirror haggard too tired to play hero saves damsel in disress. for a moment i let myself pretend im not, so i can fantasize and reorganize, then in my thinking become.

being here now means ive got to be real, really quiet, quite insane. fine, since i want to show off, better take the fame. the question remains: am i strong enough to withstand, stand by, and take a stand? how about when things fall apart in the flames? it’s time to make up your mind and give the game a name. figure your own stuff but first let me explain: before you take the blame, be lame. if you try to be strong, you fail.

for every weakness is a bothersome trait. its better to be late than to hate. dont you try to cram for a twist of fate. open up the gates and wait. wait for the flood of no surrender, get your feet wet, gather yourself together. its getting late, wont you go out of state? consider it a date to forget the future you awkwardly planned abruptly.

no need to interrupt the free flowing train, an unbroken chain of keep away. to avoid conflicts from being well meaning (all the time being the meaning of your life of wander), you wonder what is the purpose of custom excuses – grind them to dust if you must. drink your own medicines – to tame your lust. think fast, at least you did something. a lot of things can keep you busy before your morning breaks.

why should you think you are so strange? why eat so many apples when you can have orange? are you so predispossessed, deranged? can’t you make room for one more to like you? or, should you just clean the most of your room – before you blow your mind away?

  1. enreal says:

    powerful piece. clever are your words arranged as a poem yet written as prose.

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