i figured as much

Posted: January 27, 2011 in hero, life, meaning, purpose
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The Last Hero

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i may not know much but i do know this, for whatever its worth, i want to make a wish. i dont know where it leads – i dont know where it goes, i pray to god for not so many foes. by the point of my sword, from my head to my toe, i vanquish those woes that haunts me to contrary.

standing stationary across the crossroads sublime, i make my choices one step at a time. i wade through the muck, the filth, and the grime. sometimes i find i even get ahead of myself.

so help me through this problem of mine: how to give an ending befitting the crime? should the answer be so deep and profound? can i glean some wisdom from the shine in your eyes? or will you bypass and appraise me just fine?

and so with worthless revenge i embark on my quest, to take back some sanity from the grips of divine, so now for this i wait sullen in line. could it be i was waiting for you all of this time? sometimes the problems just come – despite of the cost, so no cause can be lost.

stranger tidings happen more than once in a while, without need to remember, without need to much linger. moments like these we treasure – til it doesn’t matter much anymore. however careful, however slight, however different and talented right – the oracle lies bare for our pleasure or despair. without such dilemmas we suffer “no fair!”

with slight misgivings henceforth therefore i attempt practical invisibility, the magic of the moment surprisingly unclear to me. i have thought before to escape from here, but never did i hope to get away happy. to escape the fear that rules me, madly driving crazy to a place i hold so dear.

so the crime of too much time typing ends thus: as the hero bites out a chunk of roast, a piece of reality for the rest of us who boast, he thinks about the monster inside – as real as the dreams that define him. though he cannot lose, he is not so sure. so many things can happen but one thing he cannot endure: death without a purpose is meaningless and life without meaning to find a purpose is already death.

the heroes destiny would have to begin with a choice: to go through heaven or hell and back again, to find a way for others to do so as well. though fate may come to those who wait the true hero decides which fate to take. the hero is here so near and yet far, as close as the eyes and ear, finding the ways and means to reach you even in your worst daydreams.

yet he is only as good as your faith. he can only act on your behalf for as long as you believe, otherwise you are the monster he must fight and die for. the least of all heroes can conquer the distance of space, but the hero who also conquers himself is legendary. you are the king, wear your own crown, but your kingdom is not yours without the hero to give you a choice. so now king, go find your hero to slay the monster – find your treasure and rescue your queen!

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