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Posted: March 20, 2011 in havinggo, life, meaning, singlefire
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Love for Arts

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you have to let go and leave the one you love

you have to surrender to the final moment…

true love does not fade or die but remains with you

in times of need…

you cannot justify the sacrifice

you cannot justify the cause…

only by giving your love away can you allow love

to find its way back to you…

love is wisdom, a discovery, a find…

you can never have less than you started with

but you can wastefully overflow…

therefore drink as much as you can of the fountain

do not keep your wishes to yourself…

believe, be free – to serve your master

only then will your actions grow.

  1. SuGaR says:

    wow…this is beautiful and so true…to let go n hope it comes back…

    • 404files says:

      yep i was inspired to write it for someone, it seems they would like to hold on but the more they do, the more it seems like its not worth it. its actually hard to apply in real life bc it takes faith and hope and all these other good qualities that people usually think they lack, since we always want more but we only really require a sprinkle.

  2. mbwilliams says:

    Thanks for the ping-back and nicely written piece by the way. Hope to read some more soon, M.

    • 404files says:

      thx. i usually look for stuff thats related and well i really like ur username, not to mention the other stuff on ur site. u should add more content hopefully i will e able to do the same.

  3. SuGaR says:

    we all possess a lot more than we think we do. We all have this inner strength that we fail to see, especially when we r in reall need. But you know what, th greatest thing in life isn’t your destination, it’s the journey…so succeeding to let go isn’t the greatest acomplishment, it’s the process we undergo to be able to let go, because by the end of the day when we’ve finally managed it, we would have learned so much and that is the bst part…

  4. SuGaR says:

    yea i guess not. it’s like they say, you never know what you have until you lose it. guess the same goes with knowledge…

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