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Not a black sheep.

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the problem w ur question is that u cant really answer it sufficiently without much more information. do we know what heaven is like? do u have experience of god? have you done anything extraordinary with your experience? fact is most people lead boring lives, y do u think evil is such a sellout in the morning news? people are “evil” bc they came into the world as sheep, following other senseless boring sheep – tempting eventually the wolves to eat them, whenever they stray to far from the “good” shepherd. wolves are not “evil” actually they are just doing what comes natural to them. the “good” shepherd is really a sheep who has learned to think like a wolf. of course there is also the wolf disguised as sheep…

what we consider “evil” is a necessary state of mind for us to consider alternative options. we are usually so comfortable at home, with all the amenities we presume that we only really need, until reality check hits us because it bounced. we dont know what real evil is until we go out and start exploring, evil is not just all the things that could go wrong, its also that tiny feeling that were missing the mark: were not getting anywhere with what were doing, were not satisfied w just success, and were not giving up unless stars come falling from the sky. we are determined to live our lives right, just like the way it was before, just like everybody else – determination therefore is evil. u chose ur unswerving path towards destruction…

well your question is not just about judeo-christian gods being impossible, the trick is to include at least enough of some of the other attributes of god in order to begin to understand him, because no attribute exists by itself. in fact god is plural, but from our perspective he is one. lets take a detour and talk about trees… why is it possible for trees to grow up strong and stout? it is most likely bc as they grow up they also grow down? u understand what it means to have a strong foundation? so much evil exists bc god is reaching down for support. its not that hard to visualize heaven as a mind field of faster than light instantaneous desire happening all at once, at current state of being would not be able to handle a fraction of such infinite pleasure bearing down on us, therefore god is also a preserving force protecting our characters from erosion by the ravages of time…

what would a tree wish for, that was harboring the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil? how about a tree of life? Or a fake plastic christmas tree? wouldnt you rather desire to be useful if you had the ability to think? What is your intellect good for if it did not have a purpose? the trees wish could be simpleminded, but secure: the present may not be able to solve the problems of the past, but steady progress can pave the way to a greener future. the three main believers for unity interpret the meaning of such progress in their own way: jews choose to learn, christians choose to love, and moslems choose to surrender. if you want one god then unity is ur piece of cake, u must carry at least one of those three qualities. if u want no god, except perhaps urself, but of course u will never want to call urself god then buddhist philosophy is the knowledge that provides the cake… i could go on about old school hinduism and many gods… or some standard atheist perspective of bypassing god by failing to define an acceptable god at all, which causes them to give themselves a pat in the back for proving that somehow their idea of god is unacceptable.

believing is only a matter of choosing, it seems like you have so many choices, that you might even end up w the worst possible choice if you so choose not to choose. in reality you are still just a limited thinking sheep, and u can never go beyond that fence, if the master sheep has ever built his fences right. your limitations are there to protect you so thtat you can have as much freedom as you want in as far as youre capable of freedom. dont get me wrong, i do believe in god, but as far as i can tell i have avoided discussing more important attributes. i think our primary task in this world is to discover how to become a master sheep, before moving on to the next sublevel of sheepdom. bible stories are just the garments in which the living word of god is garbed, if the bible were written in modern times then it would have modern clothes. but people forget the body is much more important, and more importantly the soul, but to be truly complete u must also know the mind… that is a quote from in my own words.


Grown-ups are obsolete

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people in love

cage is your friend. lets just pretend that you are not a slave but a godsend. you are wild and expectant, an imagination pregnant with possibilities – you are surrounded by an incredible lightness of being. i want to grow old with you.

people indifferent

fade is your color mostly less. gray is just as gay as your meaningless monotone wife. you would like to have some action, but you life is full of suction – you are captured by an aura of heartless neglect. i dont want to grow mold with you.

people indignant

rage is your blind side. people can trample just like a bull and everything is red. everything alive and happy should be dead. it doesnt matter if you have a heartache or a heart attack – the madness must be fed. i cant stop scolding you.

people in danger

change is your saviour, make way for man of the hour! taste the rainbow before it turns sour. you open doors relievedly, no need to wait and forget about fate, innocence is sold – its time to die or be deadly. u dont have to say i told you…


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how do you do?

well thats the scary thing im doing quite alright.

isnt that good?

if you say so but i tremble at the fact that things are now improving at a steady pace.

where do you think that would lead?

as far as these things go that would really mean many things.
i dont think i can very much care for being a sir monster much longer.
being the subject of many sermons in the background, i think ive heard enough.

just what is it do you think you’ve heard enough of?

i know for a fact that im about to change.
i might even like what is it i might change into but it might even be something nice.

so whats wrong w changing into something nice for a change?

well actually i am flat broke and i might not be able to afford such nice things.

so are you more afraid of being broke or of being nice?

it seems that i am more afraid of being nice bc i have been broke already so many times before.

well what if you were already nice, looking back how do you think you’ll feel?

terrible, i suppose and somewhat resentful.

what would you be resentful of?

i think i would regret not being nearly so afraid.
i would want to somewhat be more prepared.
truth is,
i know i really want to know more
about being nice before actually being nice.

well what if you could imagine what its like and its actually not so scary.

well that wouldnt be nice…


practical man acting
leader decidedly choosing
foundation strong unwavering
sense of purposeful welcoming
inherently resourceful needing

physical man sensing
trouble afar building
palaces force defending
balanced properties acquiring
success personally ever varying

paternal man reacting
mindful process yielding
delightful product borrowing
breeds results altogether trying
better ways inwardly happy training

prodigal man forgetting
past judgement respecting
ignorant delusions losing
senses to self understanding
meaninglessness expectantly wandering

personal man divining
rights privately collecting
insignificant changes creating
room for random error entertaining
countless mysteries curiously seeking

Love for Arts

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you have to let go and leave the one you love

you have to surrender to the final moment…

true love does not fade or die but remains with you

in times of need…

you cannot justify the sacrifice

you cannot justify the cause…

only by giving your love away can you allow love

to find its way back to you…

love is wisdom, a discovery, a find…

you can never have less than you started with

but you can wastefully overflow…

therefore drink as much as you can of the fountain

do not keep your wishes to yourself…

believe, be free – to serve your master

only then will your actions grow.

Wanted Poster

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The truth is…____
I ____… do not care
…____ If ever I meet…
____ My special someone…
____ If she doesnt show up…
____ I don’t care to find her…
____ If she’s not ready…____

I dont care to educate her
But… then


…I grow old
…No one to care for me
…I survive for that long
…Not knowing what it’s like
…to really love another

If I ever get tired of surviving
…____ …____

If I ever get tired of loving life
…____ …____ …____

If I ever get tired of being senseless
…____ …____

I’ll get tired of being tired

Still I choose to live my life another



Anger Is the Swiss Army Knife of Emotions T-shirt

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clean sweep anger. take out your broom and dagger. cut out your heart and stagger. could you even feel the tug of danger? don’t hug me, don’t bother.

within my circle vicious, delicious and so precious, i have no idea of issues – it itches. there exist a question forged of great irrelevance about thinking in advance. how and why should i? is it me or is it you? should the answer have to be something that i can understand? to do things now, before the consequence comes, would it save time or cause more anguish? which of these cause the most trouble? what is more important to me, experiencing or understanding?

i have no motivation disease. im here to kill me right away. no problems seeing things through – i thought i had a hard time, but i can’t stay there forever. so now, whatever, im in too deep into the fray and just when i see no way – more thoughts come to assail.

one thought leads me to disaster. the next one to that place where i cant figure out what im after. whether im after you or after changes, weather conditions are plain but cold with no sweater. i find myself staring into the mirror haggard too tired to play hero saves damsel in disress. for a moment i let myself pretend im not, so i can fantasize and reorganize, then in my thinking become.

being here now means ive got to be real, really quiet, quite insane. fine, since i want to show off, better take the fame. the question remains: am i strong enough to withstand, stand by, and take a stand? how about when things fall apart in the flames? it’s time to make up your mind and give the game a name. figure your own stuff but first let me explain: before you take the blame, be lame. if you try to be strong, you fail.

for every weakness is a bothersome trait. its better to be late than to hate. dont you try to cram for a twist of fate. open up the gates and wait. wait for the flood of no surrender, get your feet wet, gather yourself together. its getting late, wont you go out of state? consider it a date to forget the future you awkwardly planned abruptly.

no need to interrupt the free flowing train, an unbroken chain of keep away. to avoid conflicts from being well meaning (all the time being the meaning of your life of wander), you wonder what is the purpose of custom excuses – grind them to dust if you must. drink your own medicines – to tame your lust. think fast, at least you did something. a lot of things can keep you busy before your morning breaks.

why should you think you are so strange? why eat so many apples when you can have orange? are you so predispossessed, deranged? can’t you make room for one more to like you? or, should you just clean the most of your room – before you blow your mind away?