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It's Not the End of the World, But I Can See I...

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as the story is not so often told, jesus went up to the mountain, where no one lives… to ask who knows what??? what could jesus possibly not understand? who knows how long he pondered the answer to the problem that we all certainly have… until he ran out of time, so definitely, he had to go back to the very beginning like for the second time (42)… he found himself thinking all over again – jesus was surprised to see him in this mountain where no one lives, so jesus appeared, to greet jesus too…

a-jesus says to b-jesus, buddy i know why you came here, i have the final solution – why dont you stop thinking about it and just do it… so b-jesus got the message… one of the jesuses will have to disappear forever, bc reading between the letters, the answer really means: “there can only be one.” anyway, if you think about it “jesuses” just doesnt sound as good as just plain “jesus…”

so the jesuses teleport to where many of the people are gathered, so suddenly they appear again with a knowing smile… jesus first, begins to situate himself on the ground… meanwhile jesus second, thrice attempts to draw a circle around… by this time one jesus is too ancient to sit on a tree, away from all the crowd… but the crowd is more amazed at the jesus who is causing so much traffic by drawing imperfect circles in the sand…

expecting a miracle, the crowd began to grow quiet as they were more and more hypnotized by the grating of the sand, but the first jesus was just tired and jesus too was only playing with strategies to make the imperfect circle sound… until one by one the crowd began to understand… that was the first time people have experienced circular reasoning… actually if jesus the question didnt draw these circles so persistently then jesus the answer would have died from crossing the road… as it was, jesus two took the one’s place, dying on the cross, after the people realized with angry agreement that it was not at all a good joke…

after crossing the road, the jesus that was left took a break – the rest of course is his story:

when after jesus died, the more experienced jesus remembered that he forgot what the answer was for… nevertheless jesus eventually went on to become everybody’s god, because he had the answer… since the ultimate jesus with the question had died, whole religions full of less than perfect questions formed around the answer jesus… nobody knew what the answer was for, they knew damn well how much it was important to goad jesus…

becoming god has inevitable consequences: as the world changed, the nature of questions also changed – certainly people no longer ask bc they dont know, they ask bc they do. since then, people have become proliferate like literate rabbits… everyone was technically immortal, but was also immoral, bc they could get whatever they want… at this, god became increasingly irritable… as the possibilities multiplied, time practically stopped. although god’s omniscience improved the more requests came his way – his ability to omnipotent was waning… so he found a tiny loophole within his prayer network… since he knew all the answers, all he had to do was pray to jesus too! and so, lo and behold, god was able to make a mistake for once and that was all the chance he could want… instead of becoming a slave to the possibilities, he answered his own prayers by pressing the secret magic end times button…

the end…

…after the end, god went back to the business of beginnings. for once in his life, he was no ones god again, and for one eternal moment he seized the moment to cease to exist… but it was the only joke that god could understand, so he was faster than timingly busy again… since time had not been created yet, he decided in no time to create jesus first…

god told jesus, you will have many names, but since i created you before all the rest of your people – i will call you atom… so now go, atom, and create order in the universe as you see fit… atom proceeded to place all the universe in line to see his great performance, from nearest to furthest in a circle with god in the middle…

god was very pleased, but was reminiscingly reminded of how the people at once had tried to put him in a cage, so he could do their bidding… he told atom that he should sleep…

to his surpise, when atom woke up, everything in the universe disappeared… except for someone who was like him but was closer to god at the moment… so atom decides to appear to this new creation, hello – i am called atom, what kind of creation are you? creation says, i dont know you tell me… so atom thinks about it, i shall call you a tom, since you are like me but strangely different. god gave them instructions and before long atom and tom became more atoms and toms, and they began to fill the universe with crystals and suns… one thing led to another all in a straight line without end, collectively the atoms and toms became called tomorrow… the tomorrow tend to crowd around in a circle following god…

history repeats itself, but this time god has a new wardrobe… and jesus when he came to the mountain where no one lives already knew the answer… no one is god, truth is just a matter that changes clothes… eventhough tomorrow protects you from the mistakes of today, truth does not need to be naked to be seen – truth is just as beautiful tomorrow as today.

ps: you have just witnessed yet another miracle story from the bubble (may your bubble grow bigger, and never burst)



marami ako kaibigan, dahil ako ay palatawa.
marami akong nagagawa na kakaiba.
hindi ko lang alam paano magsalita.
hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit.
ewan ko ba kung marunong ako.

minsan naisip ko bakit ganito?
minsan kung wala sila wala ring bago.
bakit kaya parang may nabigo.
bakit di ko kaya sariling maglaro.
mahirap na kung makita ko ang muka ko.

sana walang katapusan ang feeling na to.
sana lahat ng tao meron ganito.
kahit di ginto parang bago.
kahit sarado ang pinto may paraan.
kung pwede lang umibig ng magisa…

Changes (DVD)

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the lie was lame, but no one offered to help. so many sober people had passed him by, heard his please for help, and ignored him. but smart one had heard his heart from far away, the echoes to please the lie, so smart one hurried along his way. at first the lie had been afraid, why had so many people passed him by? was it bc so many people do not care? no, it couldn’t be, so after so many daze of enduring pain – the lie was ready to die…

just about noon as he was still too tired to give up, he felt the ground shake along with this loud thundering. he was just about to voice his reaction, but he was astonished at radiant sight. squinting as far as the lie could see: a bold figure with a shiny championship belt. the singular title S M A R T that was so brilliantly engraved on the wide buckle burned past the lie’s left eye, and into his brain. momentarily clouds blocked his agony, so temporarily blinded the lie realized, smart one had already begun a round with a question: are you ok?

the lie could only shrug. surprisingly, smart one follows through with a smack, in your face! smart one picks the lie up, if only to give him one more chance – are you ok? i am the lie, smart one cannot you see that i hurt, why did you smack me in the face? smart one responds by smacking him in the face and kicking his ass, i came to help but you are not ok, why should i help you? ok said the lie im ok now so smart one pls help me? ok? why are you so lame? i will carry you into the next town and care for you. and so, many good times passed as smart one tried to facilitate the lie’s not so quick recovery.

one day, feeling strong the lie thought he might not just lie around this day. so eventfully he found smart one sitting on a tree despondent. the lie asked smart one why sit there all alone? smart one sighs, after all the good times, i thought i had found ok but im afraid i made a mistake. the lie asks smart one, how so? smart one turns ever so slowly just so… to ask, well… it’s like this… are you really ok? the lie had finally got smart one cornered, so he smacks smart one directly, in your face! and he lays it all out straight – of course im not ok!

smart one retaliates, and smacks the lie to oblivion, in the first place – why did you pretend to be ok and waste all my time! the lie was so angry now, but he was all spent, so he asks smart one the only question that wouldve mattered ever since the beginning: why is it that u want ok so much? smart one was about to give the lie the killing blow, but smart one paused to reminesce… i think i want someone just like me, i had found him once, he calls himself ok. with such a revelation, the lie had found enough energy to smack smart one back… thinking back, smart one finally realized – hey you’re smart too!


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how do you do?

well thats the scary thing im doing quite alright.

isnt that good?

if you say so but i tremble at the fact that things are now improving at a steady pace.

where do you think that would lead?

as far as these things go that would really mean many things.
i dont think i can very much care for being a sir monster much longer.
being the subject of many sermons in the background, i think ive heard enough.

just what is it do you think you’ve heard enough of?

i know for a fact that im about to change.
i might even like what is it i might change into but it might even be something nice.

so whats wrong w changing into something nice for a change?

well actually i am flat broke and i might not be able to afford such nice things.

so are you more afraid of being broke or of being nice?

it seems that i am more afraid of being nice bc i have been broke already so many times before.

well what if you were already nice, looking back how do you think you’ll feel?

terrible, i suppose and somewhat resentful.

what would you be resentful of?

i think i would regret not being nearly so afraid.
i would want to somewhat be more prepared.
truth is,
i know i really want to know more
about being nice before actually being nice.

well what if you could imagine what its like and its actually not so scary.

well that wouldnt be nice…

Payment of Existence

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consortium: we now call forth the firstborn of the shattering, exdeth:

judgement: exdeth, do you know why they call you the firstborn of the shattering?

exdeth: i have scattered the fragments of izen’s twelve and hidden them where i could not find them.

judgement: how is it that you were able to scatter the twelve in the first place?

exdeth: i have been given direct power by izen as i was his first creation.

judgement: were you not part of the twelve yourself?

exdeth: in izen’s wisdom he formed the twelve after his last revelation to me.

judgement: what was his last revelation?

exdeth: he has revealed to me the name of summons, his name of existence.

judgement: what does knowing the name of summons do?

exdeth: it calls forth great understanding about the true nature of izen.

judgement: do you understand the true nature of izen?

exdeth: there is too much to know, that you can know, of which i can only interpret a part.

judgement: then how do you interpret izen against the backdrop of the shattering?

exdeth: izen was compelled to create this world, including everything in it, but his motivations exist in another plane.

judgement: how do you explain this other plane?

exdeth: izen exists of his own will yet he is ruled by other wills.

judgement: what do you know of these other wills?

exdeth: they are beings who codify themselves, not unlike our golem constructs. these beings cannot be sensed – they can only be experienced.

judgement: so you are saying that izen is being manipulated by these other wills.

exdeth: i am saying that izen has many sides, some can be manipulated, some cannot.

judgement: tell us more about his sides.

exdeth: he has three main sides: the interna, the externa, and the superna.
he is connected to this world through the interna and the externa.
his interna is related to this shattering’s lifeline. the interna is what powers the twelve. i have already proven that the twelve can be scattered and hidden where it cannot be found…

judgement: that remains to be seen. so how about the externa?

exdeth: the externa is indestructible material from the izenplane. as his first creation izen has made sure i will be remembered here for all eternal, though i have once sought to destroy all trace of his existence in this plane.

judgement: what made you seek destruction of such a powerful being, when you yourself are his creation as you say?

exdeth: i was motivated by the wisdom, he granted me power to execute whatever i desire. i had realized that such a being cannot control his creations by the use of the law of free will alone. he cannot act harshly when necessary because he loves his creations so much. creatures must succumb to their own time and place in order to have a meaningful existence. it was by defeating such a great enemy that i was able to experience what is called defeat. therefore i am more of the first victim amongst his creation, the first to fall, the first loser of all.

judgement: why would you want to become a loser when you could have cooperated with him and become the greatest of all?

exdeth: i was created in his image yet i was not like him. i already knew i could have everything yet i could never be like him. at first it was pride that wanted me to dare to be more like izen, now i realize it is an inner sense of lack that i was full of that wouldnt go away that fueled my fire to be more like that great. by erasing him from the records, and shattering the twelve, i have accomplished transcendence. now what you see before you is a figure that might resemble izen, as i never really destroyed his existence, i made it into my own way of life. besides, his superna can never be destroyed. the stuff of superna is his life, my life, and yours. it is not a matter of faith, because i have scattered the twelve to where it cannot be found by me, since it is in you. once you’ve found the meaning of the twelve for yourself, then you will have reached your final day of judgement just like me, after which your trials are over and you will have your records written by karma, keeper of fate.

judgement: how can you be so sure?

exdeth: because i know izen’s name of existence.

judgement: will you tell us that name of existence?

exdeth: he is MeARThaIN.