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So Wrong, It's Right

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i always think opposite of you
whatever i say is wrong
is wrong with you

you say im stupid
i say im strong
youre so a kidding right?

well maybe another story will suffice
if you cannot bear with me
go suck ice!

truth is everybody does not care
not in the very least
not at the very same time

who am i to please the myriad adventurers?
why do i have to deal with the fucking triad!
good-bad-ugly all on the same side

alone with my friends i am quite
better to stick together on family night fights
i cannot think for a second without a doubt

no clue if forever will remember my demand
till im blue in the dark i make my own stand
not to be damned with the lunatics that hardly only try


i think she is very pretty
she is quite popular but insecure
obliquely very jealous
and suicidal as well
she thinks she has a problem
and that problem is me

what is it that attracts me to her?
she is like a magnet
and i am her opposite pair
what is it that i fear about her?
maybe she will rock my world
and i will have to roll around her

if i be the good guy
in this story set
against the sky
then who be she?
the great antagonist
my rival for keeps?

how do i not notice her
without being so obvious?
i cannot say i love her
i barely even know her
yet there is a connection
a certain kind of air

maybe its her perfume
maybe its her hair
do i give her a chance?
should i help myself
get caught up in some bad romance
perhaps its just fair

or do i want to be another player?
an average kind old man
so tired of playing games
so bored of having fun
to mess up my perfect world
would take forever if you can

before i regret
i feel tempted to attempt
a mix and match of feelings
like some fashionable earrings
then try to confuse such love
with lies and hugs

but maybe the approach is too strong
ive got the wrong girl in my hands
with all her needs and wants
i cant provide the missing role
she knows and yet she waits
somehow shes the boss
and yet she waits